Time Available

Training Content

6-15 Minutes
Video Short
Download Training Document
6 minutes Watch the video
10-15 minutes Round table discussion using the provided talking points
15 Minutes
Training Update
Download Training Document
10 minutes Read through the Report of the Week
2 minutes Review the Rules of Engagement
3 minutes Review the elements of decision-making
30-60 Minutes
Quick Drill
Download Training Document
6-15 minutes Complete first training module
15 minutes Complete second training module
20-30 minutes Run the training drill with recap discussion

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Training Bundles

The Near Miss Program is still piloting the concept of the “Near Miss Training Bundle.”  The Training Bundle includes 4-6 minute long topical video vignettes on the problems and best practices associated with the highlighted training topic, a downloadable form with talking points, suggested training drills and the location of resources to learn more about the problem.  We are upgrading the training bundle based on the feedback we receive. 

The videos may include simulation technology, power point, static imagery and a live instructor to deliver the message.

Supplemental information and training tools will follow a telescoping/scaling approach. Training officers, or shift captains, can produce training at varying degrees of depth and length of time to meet the needs and format of their department.

Training segments can be stand-alone or combined for more comprehensive training.