Each week, we highlight a Near Miss report that has an important learning moment to offer. Report of the Week includes the synopsis of the highlighted report, the lessons learned and leading practices that emerged from the event, and discussion points that you can use to go over the highlighted case with your crew.

Decision-Making Training

AlphaACT® applications for crisis decision training teaches users how to apply the experiences and lessons of the past to current crisis situations. Leveraging the cases within the Near Miss database, end users walk through an interactive scenario that provides feedback on the decision-making process. A new AlphaACT scenario will be available for free every month.

Near Miss Training Bundle

Currently in concept testing, the Training Bundle includes 4-6 minute long topical video vignettes on the problems and best practices associated with the highlighted training topic, a downloadable form with talking points, suggested training drills and the location of resources to learn more about the problem. Based on the feedback received, the Training Bundle will be upgraded during the month of March and a second edition will be offered in April.


This is where you can find all Near Miss training resources, to include illustrated case studies, old Near Miss calendars, table-top training exercises, old featured reports, equipment information, crew resource management documents and much more.