Insight360 Event Reporting Tool

Department Level Near Miss

Our mission is to reduce firefighter injury and death by helping the fire service apply local lessons globally. To facilitate this mission, we are presenting an innovative solution that allows you to capture, share and train on the experiences and lessons learning of the fire community. We are proud to announce the Insight360 Event Reporting Tool that is designed to take our mission to your local department.


Insight360 Event Reporting Tool

A new, cloud-based event reporting and analysis tool capturing firefighter injuries, near misses and property damage on a single platform.

Integrate Reporting Process - Report firefighter injuries, exposures, near misses and property damage in one place

  • Firefighters enter reports through an intuitive, adaptive interview process.
  • Customizable for your department's personnel, ranks and units.

Understand your department - Use data analysis to recognize your safety trends and challenges

  • Quickly develop post-incident reports
  • Data visualization and analysis dashboard

Turn Data into Knowledge - Gain insight into foundational problems, successes and trends within your department

  • Track your departments trends
  • Develop the training and education needed

Empower Efficiency - Streamline your post-event paperwork into one single interview process

  • Single point of entry for data 
  • Electronically store and share reports  

Insight 360 Features

  • Create, edit and review a variety of standard post-incident reports
  • Gain resources available to improve safety culture
  • Designated officers can easily conduct post-incident review, including lessons learned
  • Data visualization and analysis displaying where injuries are happening, the need for operational changes and needed training
  • Seamlessly share local department data with the National Near Miss Reporting System
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